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GST new Taxation Scheme and its effect on different
Segment of Cars

It's been around 3 weeks now (20 days to be precise) since the GST(Goods and Services Tax) was rolled out. GST has affected almost every segment of Indian population depending upon their needs and their purchasing style and also every item present in the market in terms of taxes what we had to pay on them before and what we have to pay now.

Likewise, GST has affected the automobile prices which is the most talked about topic these days, especially in the middle class segment. People who were planning to buy new car have parked their idea for the time-being just because nobody is sure how GST would impact the price of car they were planning to buy.

But now most of the automakers have revealed the updated price of their models. To give you a sigh of relief, let me tell you upfront that most of the cars are now cheaper compared to what they were priced before July 1.

First of all, let's see the Tax Rates on different segment of Cars post GST Implementation:

Post GST Tax Rates
Base Cess Net
Small Cars Petrol 28% 1% 29%
Diesel 28% 3% 31%
Mid-size cars 28% 15% 43%
Luxury cars 28% 15% 43%
SUVs 28% 15% 43%
Hybrids 28% 15% 43%
Electric 12% 0% 12%

Now, let's look at the pricing details for cars under different segments both pre and post GST. (Reference has been taken with respect to Ex-Showroom prices in Delhi).On Road price differences would be slightly different as extra 3% would be levied on Insurance as part of GST. Here is the impact on:

Luxury Car Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Jaguar XJ Rs 1.02 crore Rs 97.39 lakh Rs 5.11 lakh down
Jaguar F Pace Rs 1.19 crore Rs 1.10 crore Rs 8.46 lakh down
Range Rover (LWB) Rs 2.19 crore Rs 1.70 crore Rs 49 lakh down
Land Rover Evoque Rs 67.9 lakh Rs 56.97 lakh Rs 10.93 lakh down
Honda BR-V Rs 9.12 lakh Rs 8.93 lakh Rs 0.19 lakh down
Honda CR-V Rs 22.64 lakh Rs 21.53 lakh Rs 1.11 lakh down
Skoda Octavia Rs 23.35 lakh Rs 22.15 lakh Rs 1.2 lakh down
Skoda Superb Rs 32.1 lakh Rs 30.81 lakh Rs 1.29 lakh down
Toyota Corolla Altis Rs 19.91 lakh Rs 18.67 lakh Rs 1.24 lakh down
Toyota Fortuner Rs 31.86 lakh Rs 29.18 lakh Rs 2.68 lakh down
Audi RS7 Rs 1.60 crore Rs 1.58 crore Rs 1.04 lakh down
Audi R8 Rs 2.55 crore Rs 2.53 crore Rs 1.3 lakh down
Isuzu MU-X Rs 25.99 lakh Rs 24.35 lakh Rs 1.64 lakh down
D MAX V Cross Rs 13.3 lakh Rs 12.72 lakh Rs 0.58 lakh down

Maruti Suzuki Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Alto 800 Rs 2.5 - 3.77 lakh Rs 2.49 - 3.76 lakh Rs 1,000 down
Alto k10 Rs 3.3 - 4.16 lakh Rs 3.29 - 4.15 lakh Rs 1,000 down
Baleno Rs 5.28 - 8.43 lakh Rs 5.26 - 8.42 lakh Rs 2,000 - 1,000 down
Baleno RS Rs 8.69 lakh Rs 8.37 lakh Rs 32,000 down
Celerio Rs 4.04 - 5.25 lakh Rs 4.03 - 5.23 lakh Rs 1,000 - 2,000 down
Ciaz Rs 7.72 - 10.52 lakh Rs 7.65 - 11.44 Rs 7,000 down - 92,000 up
Dzire Rs 5.45 - 9.41 lakh Rs 5.42 - 9.39 lakh Rs 3,000 - 2,000 down
Ertiga Rs 6.22 - 9.38 lakh Rs 6.15 - 10.44 lakh Rs 7,000 down - 1.06 lakh up
Eeco Rs 3.28 - 4.34 lakh N.A. - Rs 4.32 lakh N.A. - Rs 2,000 down
Gypsy Rs 6.26 - 6.41 lakh Rs 6.16 - 6.3 lakh Rs 10,000 - 11,000 down
Ignis Rs 4.59 - 7.8 lakh Rs 4.56 - 7.54 lakh Rs 3,000 - 26,000 down
Omni Rs 2.67 - 2.69 lakh Rs 2.66 - 2.68 lakh Rs 1,000 down
S-Cross Rs 8.07 - 12.03 lakh Rs 7.94 - 11.66 lakh Rs 13,000 - 37,000 down
Swift Rs 4.8 - 7.46 lakh Rs 4.79 - 7.46 lakh Rs 1,000 down - 0
Vitara Brezza Rs 7.26 - 9.82 lakh Rs 7.23 - 9.91 lakh Rs 3,000 - 9,000 up
WagonR Rs 4.15 - 5.36 lakh Rs 4.14 - 5.34 lakh Rs 1,000 - 2,000 down

As you see, except for CIAZ and Ertiga SHVS, mostly all other car prices have gone low (upto 3%) in Maruti Suzuki. And the only reason for the increased price for these 2 cars have been the very fact that earlier both of these models used to benefit from the government subsidies given on Hybrid/Mild-Hybrid vehicles.But after GST implementation, these benefits are no longer applicable and hence this increase in price.

Ford Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Figo Rs 4.75 - 7.73 lakh Rs 4.73 - 7.62 lakh Rs 2,000 - 11,000 down
Figo Aspire Rs 5.45 - 8.29 lakh Rs 5.415 - 8.159 lakh Rs 3,500 - 13,100 down
EcoSport Rs 7.18 - 10.76 lakh Rs 7.102 - 10.713 lakh Rs 7,800 - 4,700 down
Endeavour Rs 25.49 - 31.5 lakh Rs 23.912 - 29.89 lakh Rs 1.578 - 1.61 lakh down
Mustang Rs 66.3 lakh Rs 69 lakh Rs 2.7 lakh up

As evident, Ford has reduced  the prices of its vehicles by upto 4.5 percent with immediate effect.

Hyundai Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Hyundai Eon Rs 3.32-4.56 lakh Rs 3.31-4.56 lakh Rs 1,000 down - 0
Hyundai Grand i10 Rs 4.59 - 7.37 lakh Rs 4.55 - 7.30 lakh Rs 4,000 - 7,000 down
Hyundai Elite i20 Rs 5.36 - 9.07 lakh Rs 5.31 - 8.97 lakh Rs 5,000 - 10,000 down
Hyundai Xcent Rs 5.38 - 8.41 lakh Rs 5.33 - 8.39 lakh Rs 2,000 - 5,000 down
Hyundai i20 Active Rs 6.78 - 9.78 lakh Rs 6.68 - 9.63 lakh Rs 10,000 - 15,000 down
Hyundai Verna Rs 7.95 - 13.17 lakh Rs 7.84 - 12.62 lakh Rs 11,000 - 55,000 down
Hyundai Creta Rs 9.28 - 14.56 lakh Rs 8.92 - 13.93 lakh Rs 36,000 - 63,000 down
Hyundai Elantra Rs 13 - 19.31 lakh Rs 12.48 - 18.46 lakh Rs 52,000 - 85,000 down
Hyundai Tucson Rs 19 - 25.01 lakh Rs 18.13 - 23.86 lakh Rs 87,000 - 1.15 lakh down
Hyundai Santa Fe Rs 29.58 - 33 lakh Rs 27.86 - 31.07 lakh Rs 1.72 - 1.93 lakh down

Nissan Datsun Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Nissan Micra Active Rs 4.61- 5.42 lakh Rs 4.58 - 5.46 lakh Rs 3,000 - 4,000 down
Nissan Micra Rs 5.99 - 7.23 lakh Rs 5.95 - 7.27 lakh Rs 4,000 down - 4,000 up
Nissan Sunny Rs 6.99 - 8.99 lakh Rs 6.89 - 8.93 lakh Rs 10,000 - 6,000 down
Nissan Terrano Rs 9.99 - 14.2 lakh Rs 9.84 - 14.03 lakh Rs 15,000 - 17,000 down
Datsun redi-Go Rs 2.41 - 3.41 lakh Rs 2.41 - 3.39 lakh Rs 0 - 2,000 down
Datsun Go Rs 3.83 - 4.24 lakh Rs 3.81 - 4.22 lakh Rs 2,000 down
Datsun Go+ Rs 4.56 - 5 lakh Rs 4.54 - 4.97 lakh Rs 2,000 - 3,000 down

Tata Motors Models :

Model Pre-GST Price Range Post-GST Price Range Price Difference
Bolt Rs 4.78 - 7.43 lakh Rs 4.63 - 7.16 lakh Rs 15,000 - 27,000 down
Hexa Rs 11.99 - 17.66 lakh Rs 10.95 - 16.23 lakh Rs 1.04 - 1.43 lakh down
Nano Rs 2.29 - 3.26 lakh Rs 2.29 - 3.26 lakh Rs 0
Safari Storme Rs 10.72 - 15.72 lakh Rs 9.78 - 14.47 lakh Rs 94,000 - 1.25 lakh down
Sumo Rs 7.26 - 8.7 lakh Rs 6.86 - 8.03 lakh Rs 40,000 - 67,000 down
Tiago Rs 3.3 - 5.68 lakh Rs 3.21 - 5.64 lakh Rs 9,000 - 4,000 down
Tigor Rs 4.7 - 7.09 lakh Rs 4.58 - 6.87 lakh Rs 12,000 - 22,000 down
Zest Rs 5.29 - 8.74 lakh Rs 5.16 - 8.48 lakh Rs 13,000 - 26,000 down

As evident, Tata Motors has also reduced the prices of its vehicles by upto 12 percent.

So, if we have to conclude this, introduction of GST has brought some good news for new Car Buyers as all cars barring hybrid vehicles have become more affordable than before. Although there will be some increase in insurance costs and loan EMIs as service tax has been increased from 15 percent to 18 percent.

Have any questions or queries? Please do comment below. Would be happy to answer them.

Forgot UAN Password and Mobile Changed ? Here
you have the working solution with immediate effect

Forgetting the EPF UAN password and no more having the access to the Registered Mobile Number is the most discussed about Problem I have seen on the internet. And to my surprise, I couldn't find even a single working solution anywhere, thanks to the major flaw in the functionality of Government website which didn't even let you change your UAN password unless you had an access to your registered Mobile Number.

While some say that this was not a flaw but a security measure to keep anyone with bad intention away from your account, I still strongly feel that it was a major miss which was realized by the Government too and was being worked on all this while and finally we have the working solution in place. Let's take a look at it.

Here is how it works.....

The old EPF UAN website ( now been migrated to a whole new and indeed a better version (

1) Visit this new website and click on Forgot your password option.

2) Enter your UAN No. and Captcha and click on Verify.

3) Your registered mobile No. would be displayed on the screen and you would be given two buttons, Yes | No . Click on No to change the Registered Phone Number.

4) On the next screen, once again enter your UAN and Captcha and click on Verify.

5) Next enter your asked details like Name, Date of Birth,Gender, KYC Type and the Document Number and click on Verify.

6) Clicking on Verify button will open up a new textbox where you can enter your New Mobile Number to get the authorization pin. After entering your new Phone Number, click on Get Authorized Pin.

7) Enter the received Authorization Pin and click on Update

8) After this, you would receive the success message on the screen.

9) Repeat the Steps 1 and 2 given above

10) After completing Step 2 once again, this time you would see the Updated Registered Phone Number on the screen. Click on Yes and then click on Get Authorized Pin

11) Next, enter the Authorization Pin received on your new Registered Phone Number and fill in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes and click on Submit.  (Follow the instructions in red for the accepted passwords)

And you are done. You can now login to your UAN account with this new password.

As on 28/02/2017, you can only find the details of all PF accounts linked to your UAN but the passbooks for the PF accounts are not uploaded yet. We will have to wait for another few days to get our passbooks uploaded to this new UAN portal.

Do like,share and comment if the information was helpful.

Facebook to introduce Emergency 'Safety Check' feature

The Tech Giant, Facebook has come up with yet another super-exciting feature known as the 'Safety Check'. 

Now, what does this feature do and how is it gonna help you?
This new feature will give you a simple and easy way to tell it your friends and family that you're safe and know about their situation during the time of natural disasters.

In a facebook post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned :
               'Over the last few years, there have been many                                  disasters and crisis where people have turned to the 
       internet for help. Each time, we see people use Facebook 
   to check on their loved ones and see if they're safe. Connecting  with people is always valuable, but these are the moments when it matters most'.

Now, how will it work ? 
After a natural disaster, the tool will automatically get activated and facebook will determine if you are in the affected area by using the information like the city you have mentioned in your profile, your last location if you have opted in to the nearby friend's product and the city you are using the internet from .

If facebook finds that you are in the affected area, you will receive a facebook notification asking if you're safe. You can select 'I am Safe' if you are and a notification of it will go to all your friends in your friend list and it will start appearing in their News Feeds as well. In case if facebook gets your location wrong, you will get another option to mark yourself as 'Outside the affected area' and a notification of it also will go to your friends.

Similarly, you can check on your friends in the affected area and mark them as safe after they confirm it. Clicking on the notification will take you to the Safety Check bookmark where you can find all the updates of your friends.

This new exciting feature will be available globally on Android, IOS, feature phones and desktop and will be able to deal only with the natural disasters for now but definitely, its scope will be expanded over time. Hope, it proves out to be really very helpful for the people who directly or indirectly get affected by these natural disasters.

Samsung to come up with the fastest Wi-Fi Technology

Got frustrated with the poor Wireless networks and speed ? You don't have to be anymore. The Tech Giant Samsung has declared in a recent statement that it has made a breakthrough in Wi-fi Technology and will provide the speed of 4.6 Gbps ( 575 MB per second) as against 866 Mbps ( 108 MB per second) currently available to the customers which will let them download a 1 GB file in less than 3 seconds.

The Samsung's new claim is based on the 802.11ad ( WiGig) standard which uses 60 GHz Spectrum. Until now, there have been significant challenges in commercially adopting 60 GHz Wi-fi Technology, as the millimeter waves that get used in the spectrum have weak penetration properties and are susceptible to path loss, resulting in poor signal and data performance. But Samsung has successfully achieved the highest quality by leveraging high performance modern technologies. Moreover, Samsung claims to have eradicated the problem of the interference of the signals from too many smartphones and tablets in a single room which again promises the better quality reception.

Now, talking about the downside to this : The devices from now on will be faster Wi-fi Enabled but that needs the Internet Service Providers also to boost up their network Speeds to cope up with the latest technology which can be a challenge in the path to make such a high speed available to the customers. Moreover, since the effective range for 60 GHz is just 15 feet, it wouldn't be able to penetrate through the walls and other obstacles. So, we can't say, this new technology will replace the existing wireless networks but it will supplement them by providing speedy bursts of connectivity over extremely short distances.

The head of Samsung's DMC R&D Center said in a statement that the first devices to use the 60GHz Wi-Fi Standard will appear in the first quarter of 2015 which will include Visual and Medical Devices, Telecommunications Equipment to name a few. 

Facebook offering Rs 50 talktime for referral Signups

The Social Networking Giant,Facebook is continuously coming up with new ideas to promote itself.We all know Facebook is best in everything it does.Recently,after buying domain name for $8.5 million,Facebook has now come with another brilliant idea.

Now what's that idea?The idea is that Facebook will offer the mobile talk time worth Rs. 50 to new 'Selective' Users in India who make the signup on the basis of some reference.

The first thought that would be coming to your mind would definitely be "It's another fake news" but be assured this time,the news is definitely not fake.It has been revealed by one senior company official.

Also the Country Growth Manager,Kevin D'souza said that the initiative has been taken on the pilot basis and the amount of recharge varies from person to person and place to place since different telecom carriers have different Facebook plans.

D'souza also added that they never know what thing may work.So,they continuously keep on experimenting up with new things and this is also one of their experiments which is being done in India.He continued saying that the company reserves the rights to discontinue this service at any time without any notice.Had it happened,will the talktime received prior to it be credited as appropriate only.

The user will have to firstly register on the company's website and then will have to provide his/her mobile number along with the mobile number of the person who has referred him/her in order to avail this Rs. 50 talk time,the Facebook's Mobile version talk time promotion page reads out.After confirmation of account,the user will receive the talk time within three business days.

We can't say,this new experiment is anyhow going to be fruitful for Facebook or not but definitely Indian users are going to be benefited a lot with it. Afterall Rs. 50 recharge is not a poor amount.

Create your own folder lock with a Simple Code

Folder locks have become the necessity for this generation for the very obvious reasons which we all know..But finding them for free on the internet is sometimes not an easy task to do.

There are lots of issues related to the free online folder locks like the trial period,fake serial key and lots more.

Even if you cope up with these issues,still you will be using only a 3rd party software which may not be secure and genuine in every case.

So,won't it be a better idea,if you can create your own folder lock and that too using the easiest way ?Not only you will be prevented from relying on some 3rd party software,but also you won't be having the need to download it from anywhere.

Features that would be available with this Folder Lock

1) Ability to lock and unlock it with your desired password.

2)Hide the folder from everybody(The folder will remain hidden even if you check the option reading "Show Hidden Files and Folders").

Now lets see,how to create this folder lock:

1) Open a notepad file and copy the below code in it.

2)Type your desired password for the folder lock in the place highlighted in the red reading "type your password here"  in the code.

3)After making the necessary changes,save the file with the name locker.bat

4)Now a bat file has been created.Double click on it.

5)Double clicking on bat file will automatically generate the locker folder in which you can add your files like you do in other ordinary folders.

6)Now to hide and lock the folder,again double click on the bat file created by you i.e 'locker.bat' file.
You will see a message like this 
"Are you sure you want to lock the Folder(Y/N), type Y(yes) and press Enter to lock and hide it.

7)Now if you want to make the folder visible and unlock it,simply double click the 'locker.bat' file and enter the password chosen by you in the Code and press enter.The unlocked folder lock will again be visible then.

title Folder Locker
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure you want to lock the Folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid Choice.
ren LOCKER "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder Locked
goto END
echo Enter Password to Unlock Folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%==type your password here goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker
echo Folder Unlocked Successfully
goto END
echo Invalid Password
goto END
md Locker
echo Locker Created Successfully
goto END

Playing with the folder locks was never this easy.I hope,now you won't be having the need to spend hours on Internet just to look after some effective and full version folder lock.

Its gonna be Android 4.0 with Aakash Tablet this time

Telecom Minister Mr. Kapil Sabil announced that the new Aakash Tablet is expected to be launched on November 11 this year.

Although he didn't give any assurance about this but speaking at the Economic Editor's Conference,the minister said "Hopefully on November 11,you will see the President talking to 20,000 students across the nation(who) will have their hands on Aakash".

Talking about the features,the new Tab will be running on 1 GH processor and is going to include 7" Capacitive touchscreen,Android 4.0 Operating System and the long 4 hours battery backup as compared to the earlier iteration that ran Gingerbread with a paltry 366 MHz Procesosor.

The biggest competitor of the new Aakash in terms of price will definitely be Datawind,the company that manufactures Aakash and which has already launched four lowest price versions of the Ubislate tablets in the market but the price difference will still be considerable one,the resources said.

Initially the price would be comparatively high,but gradually it is expected to come down to $35 which will be around Rs 1500 once the manufacturing activities setup in India,Sibal said.

Sibal added that there are plans of manufacturing about 5 million new Aakash Tablets and that too without putting any burden on the Ministry of Finance.

If compared to the Aakash tablet launched by the Government in October last year which ran into big controversy due to the delayed shipment despite pre-order payments made months in advance,it does not seem to be the case this time as Mr Sibal has quoted a specific date on which the device would be made available.Still,all we can do is hope that this time everything is for real and the words of our minister doesn't prove out to be mere words only.

No. of Facebook likes getting doubled with every Share

The recent flaw revealed in Facebook is the automatic increment in the number of facebook "likes" of the webpages irrespective of whether the users have clicked the like button or not,or even visited the page in question.

The flaw came into limelight after Facebook announced that it has surpassed the milestone of one billion monthly active users.

It has been found by a US security researcher that whenever someone sends the webpage address to his friend using the facebook private messaging system,it automatically adds two likes to that webpage.

Even if someone leaves a comment under any story within a webpage,the count of the facebook likes will increase,BBC reported the flaw.

When the giant itself was asked about this,it admitted the very existence of flaw and told that "We did recently find a bug with our social plug-ins where at times the count for the share or Like goes up by two,and we are working on fix to solve the issue now".

In all this discussion,one new thing came into limelight that whatever figure the 'Like counter' shows is not only the number of likes the page has got but it also includes the number of times the page has been shared,though the number appears next to the word "Like" and the site's distinctive thumbs up icon.

So,even if you are sharing any webpage with your friend to highlight some negative content,inadvertently you are making that webpage popular as your share will automatically increase the Like counter of that webpage.

Although Facebook is saying it to be the flaw,who knows whether it was done intentionally by the clever mind to make the giant go even more popular.Anyways,Facebook will have to fix the issue as soon as possible,as it has gone quite popular now.

Facebook to step into E-Commerce With new Feature

Facebook has officially confirmed this monday its very idea of introducing a new feature that would allow the users to create a wish-list of the items like home-furnishings,clothing and other retail products that they want to purchase.

The feature is going to be introduced with the new "Want" button.

Facebook announced that it has currently engaged with the seven selected businesses who would be able to share the information about their products through a feature called "Collections".

The Retailers who are involved in this program are Pottery Barn,Wayfair,Victoria's Secret,Michael Kors,Neiman Marcus,Smith Optics and

The Users will find the collections only in their news feeds for now and not as a separate social plug-in or outside of facebook site,the company said.

The feature will allow the Users to like the items and even share the things they are interested in with their friends.

The giant said that this Collection test will be comprised of three separate actions namely-"Want","Like", and "Collect".In addition to liking the product content tagged by participating retailers using already famous "Like" Button,Users will also be able to identify themselves as "Wanting" a product in the vendor's collection or in the process of "Collecting" it.

All these actions would be visible to user's friends on his/her timeline and there would be a Buy Link for each product in the Collection that takes you to a place to buy it offsite.

Facebook said that its new Collection feature will gradually be available to all its users in the US.While some users will see the "Want" button as part of the test,others will see a button inviting them to "Collect" an item or to "Like" it.

Although a Facebook Spokeswoman said that the company won't receive a fee when someone purchases a wishlist item on facebook from a retailer's site,still the words are like this feature would become one of the biggest sources of revenue for Facebook.

India's First 4G Phone by Huawei

Huawei, the china based telecom giant is being seen to diversify its business by entering into the SmartPhone Market.

Earlier the giant offered the cloud services in its phones for the Indian Users and this time it is planning to come up with the first 4G phone in India.

The company says that it was testing a 4G phone on the Airtel Network and is planning to launch it by December though the actual date of launch still depends upon the network service provider which has its 4G network already successfully running in Kolkata and Bangalore through USB dongles only.

Victor Shanxin,president for huawei devices in India said in a report that "we are ready with our phone(Ascend P1 LTE) and if the operator is ready,we will surely launch the phone by December this year."Although price of the phone is not revealed yet.

He also added "We were doing most of our business through tie-ups with operators until now but now we are planning to come up with an open market strategy and we are hoping to acquire atleast 5% share in Indian market with the SmartPhones holding the maximum share".

He said " We are working on building up the supply network so that the people can buy our products very easily".

Seems like Huawei is focussing on the quality rather than the price this time.Although Chinese companies are famous for their cheap products,but when asked,Shanxin said "Yes we will sell affordable products,but we want to focus on quality."

This criticization directly pointed toward the local phone makers who according to Shanxin want to make the products available at the lowest possible price.But he says that the trend of the market has changed.Now,people are even ready to spend some extra pennies if they are getting better quality products.

Till then,all we can do is to trust the words of Shanxin and wait for the new 4G experience about to come in Indian market.Also hoping that the product will be available at the affordable prices.

Learn your Pan Card 10 digit Numbering System

The PAN(Permanent Account Number) Card which has now become a mandatory identity proof by the government has its own semantics behind its numbering system.

PAN is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number in which the first five characters are alphabets,next four characters are numbers and the last character is again an alphabet.Each character in PAN has its own meaning which has been explained below:

PAN Explanation:

The Permanent Account Number has been divided into five groups as:

1) The first three characters are the normal alphabetic series starting from AAA and running upto ZZZ.

2) The fourth character represents the status of the PAN card holder.Its one of the most important character in Pan Card number and those who deal in PAN cards usually look at this character only to identify your status.

Now the status can be like

C - represents a Company
P - represents a Person
H - stands for Hindu Undivided Family
F - represents a Firm
A - stands for Association of Persons
T - represents a Trust
B - represents Body of Individuals
L - stands for Local Authority
J - stands for Artificial Juridical Person
G - stands for Government

3) The fifth character represents the first character of the PAN holder's Surname.
For eg- If your name is say Arindom Banerjee,then the fifth character of your PAN will be 'B'.

4) The next four characters are again the normal sequential numbers starting from 0001 and running upto 9999.

5) The last character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit.

Though its not necessary for you to learn the significance of every digit of your PAN for now,yet surely the knowledge might be useful in the long run to avoid the frauds.

Facebook "new Photo Look"-The Coolest one till now

The social networking giant Facebook has been continuously experimenting with its features and this time,it has come up with a new photo section and that too having the coolest features of all time.

Though,Facebook has made the changes in its photo section earlier also,yet the changes were not so attractive that they could seek anybody's attention.

But this time,the changes are really praise worthy.

So,how the new photo section looks like:

At the top,you will get to see the three tabs including your tagged photos,your wall photos and your albums.

The best and the noticeable change has been introduced in the album view.Earlier photo albums on facebook were as simple as the normal bunch of photos which you could navigate through but now when you hover your mouse over any album,you can see the slideshow of top five photos in that album even without having any need to open it.

But With this cool change is associated a serious Privacy Concern.By default,Facebook has set the domain for every new profile pic to be added to Public,that means if you add a new profile picture to your facebook account,then by default it would be visible to public now no matter what privacy conditions had you set before for your photos.

Ofcourse,you can change it to other options too manually like before but that was a point that should really have been discussed keeping in mind the privacy concerns of the people.

What else has been changed:

The earlier features like

a) star button(*) to highlight the photo

b) edit button to change the location and time of the photo

c)like and comment buttons

have now been introduced on the photo thumbnails also.

With the new star button(*),you can highlight any photo in your album(Earlier star button was used to highlight the photo only on your timeline).After highlighting,everybody will see your that particular picture in a magnified view when he/she reaches your album.

New Edit button allows you to change the location and date of the picture directly from the thumbnail without having the need to open it in the full view.

New Like and Comment buttons again allow you to like and comment on your picture directly from the thumbnail without having any need to open it in the full view. 

Some analysts hold the view that facebook works with the motto of competing with its own features.Bringing up such brilliant features this time,Facebook has indeed proved it also.But not everybody can enjoy this feature for now.Seems like it would take sometime for everybody to see the new photo section looks.The reason for this has not been found yet.